Dr Alexandra Gregory
Educational Psychologist & NME Trainer

BSc, PGCE, O. A. Dip, DEdPsy 

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A very warm welcome and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Alex and I am an Educational Psychologist in the South East of England. A former qualified teacher in both mainstream and specialist schools, I now work to apply psychology to education to help promote positive change for children and young people, their families, and schools. I currently work for a local authority EP service 4 days a week (soon-to-be 3) and independently 1 day a week (soon-to-be 2). Through GPS, I specialise in the areas of developmental trauma and support for siblings of children with additional needs.

My work in the area of developmental trauma and supporting children who are care-experienced involves:


My family support work involves:

  • Running events (talks and workshops) for siblings of children with additional needs and their parents/carers.

  • Co-supervising masters and doctoral research projects on sibling school outcomes and experiences at the University of Southampton.

  • Being an 'expert advisor' and part of the team of contributors at Friendili (a social networking site and app for families of children with additional needs).

  • In the future, I am hoping to set up sibling and parent/carer support groups.


Please note that my GPS independent work does not include:

  • EP and NME work within West Sussex, due to my Local Authority role. This is with the exception of siblings work, which can take place within West Sussex. 

  • Legal/tribunal/expert witness work. 

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