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I am currently specialising in sibling support and developmental traumaPlease get in touch for an information sheet about my sibling or NME packages.

Sibling and Family Support

Sibling Events

Half day interactive session for siblings of children with additional needs, their parents/carers and professionals. Exploring the experiences of being a sibling (benefits and challenges), current research, and support for siblings. 


Parent Support

In the future, I am interested in setting up a regular support group for parents/carers of children with additional needs.

Sibling Workshops

Following completing the Sibs charity's 'Sibling Group Leader Training' course, I am hoping to set up or become involved in regular workshops for siblings of children with additional needs in the West Sussex area. 

NME Training

Neurosequential Model in Education

The NME is a trauma-informed framework to promote readiness for learning. NME Trainers are certified to deliver training to school staff around the core principles of Dr Bruce Perry's neurosequential approach, including how the brain develops, organises and functions; how stress and trauma impacts on the brain, and therefore learning and behaviour; and classroom strategies/interventions in line with the 3 R's - regulate, relate, reason. More information can be found through Sussex Psychology.


EP-Specific Work


This could include individual or group staff supervision sessions based on individual, group or whole school issues; parent drop-ins, or a person-centred planning meeting, such as a PATH, MAP, Person-Centred ReviewCircle of Adults, Solution Circle, or Multi-Element Plan.

In a Meeting


This may involve a staff and/or parent training session on an area related to educational psychology.

Audiovisual Conference


EP assessment usually involves an exploration of strengths & needs, explanations to the presenting concerns, and the support required to meet need. The stages of a typical casework process may involve:

Creative people brainstorming in meeting


This may include a friendship peer intervention, such as circle of friends, or workshops to promote wellbeing. 

Initial consultation & planning


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